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Why Should You Replace Your Locks?

Locks are the main protection of your car, house, and business. If they malfunction or other people have keys to your locks, your security is reduced. This is why you need to know when to replace your locks. 

Lock replacements are highly recommended if you encounter the following:

Moving to a new house

If you bought a new house or moved into an old one, the former owner probably still has copies of the keys of the locks. You don’t have any idea how many people have duplicates. Replacing the locks is hugely advisable to ensure your security and protection. 

After break-ins

Break-ins make your house vulnerable and prone to another intrusion. Intruders might have duplicated your keys and may try to break in again with your damaged locks. To alleviate the situation, you should replace the locks to prevent them from using the same tactics. 

You lost your keys

Losing your keys makes your home, business, and car prone to future intrusions. Even though the stranger who was able to pick up your key doesn’t know you, you are still not assured of your security. It is best to replace the locks at the soonest time possible.

Household member moved out

Lock replacement is advisable if someone moved out due to divorce, separation, or a tenant in your property. By changing your locks, you can completely prevent them from entering your space without your permission. 

Old and damaged locks

Damaged and old locks are needed to be replaced immediately. If you encounter faults in your locks, they can easily be accessed by theft and robbers. This is why replacing locks is recommended to prevent future intrusions. 

Enhance your security

Although we already installed locks for our houses and establishments, you can’t guarantee if these standard locks can hold for sudden intrusions. Replacing your locks with a durable and reliable one can help you improve your security and protection. 

Someone has key duplicates

If you previously asked for key duplicates from a locksmith and they were unable to return the original key, it only means that there are other people who can access your house or business. The best option is to replace your locks to avoid possible intrusions. 

At 24/7 Quick Locksmith, we prioritize the needs of our clients. We will help you change your locks to guarantee your protection and security.

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