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Difference Between Mechanical and Electronic Locks

If keys have types, locks have two major types too. These are the mechanical and electronic locks. Both of these locks bear different characteristics and systems.

It is important to have knowledge of the locks currently installed at your house or establishments. They serve as your protection and security against illegal intrusions. To guarantee how you can maintain and enhance your safety, we will help you distinguish the difference between mechanical and electronic locks. 

Mechanical Locks 

Mechanical locks are the most commonly used locks for a long time. This kind of lock can be opened with standard keys. Under this category of lock, there are four notable types which are the spring bolt, cylinder, mortise, and deadbolt. 

Spring bolts are a type of lock which are spring-loaded bolts. This works if you push in the lock and a certain part of it has a holder in order to lock it. The same process when you unlock them but you should remove them from their holder. 

Cylinder locks are one of the most used types of lock. The structure is incorporated with a keyhole and tumbler inside a cylinder setting. 

A mortise is a lock that is difficult to install as you need to insert its cartridge on the door. They possess latch and locking bolts which makes them reliable in terms of security.

Deadbolts can be locked and unlocked using keys. Unlike mortise, this type of lock doesn’t have a latch for a temporary door lock. 

Electronic Locks 

Electronic locks don’t use keys for the lock and unlocking process. They are operated with the use of smartphones through Bluetooth and wi-fi settings. 

A smartphone lock is a lock that is operated literally with smartphones. What’s amazing with this type of lock is you can control or monitor it even if you’re far away. 

Coded smart lock is commonly used by house and establishment owners. This lock has a number keypad and requires code for you to open it. 

Biometric locks are opened using fingerprints. All you should do is to set your finger to the biometrics and it will unlock. Due to its high-tech design, the price is undoubtingly expensive.

Keycards are cards used to tap on the touchpad device in order to unlock the door. 

Mechanical or electronic locks, 24/7 Quick Locksmith can help you install these at your home or establishment. 

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