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Where to Put Your Commercial Surveillance Cameras?

Installing a surveillance camera in a commercial building is the key to deter theft and to easily identify and catch the thieves. Thus, the placement of cameras is very important, because the wrong point of cameras defeats its effectiveness. 

Here are the best areas to install your security cameras for your business:


Place cameras at the entrances and exits of your building to keep track of those who enter and exits your premises. You can identify the authorized person getting into your property and the potential trespassers. 

Cash desk

Wherever the cash box, there should be cameras pointed. Set a camera at the top of the customer’s head where they will stand, not more than seven feet high to get an excellent view. This will discourage customers and employees from stealing.

Reception area

It is one of the busiest areas in a commercial establishment that should be covered by a security camera. You can be updated with customers and workers who use the area. You can hide it in frames, clocks or anywhere else. 


Keeping a security camera outside your building can help you monitor the movement of people outside your establishment and prevent crime that may occur inside. It can also protect the cars in your parking lot and can record robber’s plate numbers. 

Storage room

This facility is the best target for thieves since it can be worth millions to businesses. You can protect your products by placing CCTV cameras to identify people who want to intrude and cause crime. 

Private spot

These are hidden places of your building that are rarely visited but this is also a preferred spot for burglars to hide. This is where crime is planned and where the criminals store their stolen items and retrieve later on. So, to keep your business and employees safe from harm, install a camera in your secret areas. 

For a professional security service, we got you covered. 24/7 Quick Locksmith has locksmiths specialized in installing surveillance cameras and providing high-security systems to all types of commercial establishments. We offer high-quality, fast and affordable locksmith services 24/7. 

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