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What to Do If You are Locked Out of Your House?

Locking yourself out of your home can be a scary experience especially if it’s night. You could be suspected as a burglar trying to open the door lock and the worst is, if someone calls the police. 

That is why we outlined the most practical ways to get you back inside your house immediately. Never risk your safety and stand-alone outside your home. Here’s what to do when you’re locked out of your home:

Check an open window/door

Look if there’s an unlocked window or back door, that’s the easiest way to get inside your house again. You don’t have to wait for another family member who has a key to come home. However, never leave any entrance points open when you’re not at home; it could invite intruders. 

Call a family member, your partner or a friend

If you live with your family, partner, or with your close friend who has a copy of your key and they are available, you can call for their help. If you rent a house alone you can also contact your landlord or rental office to ask for a spare key.

Try DIY tools

You can use improvised tools like pins, fork, paper clips depending on the type of your door lock. You can also do a quick search on google or youtube about DIY tricks on how to unlock your house door. 

Remove the doorknob

Carefully remove the doorknob without causing any damage. There are various types of doorknobs and you can check online on what kind of screwdriver you can use to take off the doorknob. 

Call a professional locksmith

If none of the options work for you, it’s best to call a professional locksmith for your complex-designed locks. Locksmith solution is the safest and fastest way to regain access to your home. 

Certified locksmiths are fully trained on operating the latest equipment and apply advanced locksmithing techniques to fix any type of lock and key issue. Thus, they can guarantee to open locked doors without keys maintaining your lock unharmed. 

We understand how awkward standing alone outside your home when you lose or break your key brings you in a lock out situation. Hence, 24/7 Quick Locksmith is ready to extend help even at midnight. Give us a call for fast, affordable and professional service.

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