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What Are The Types of Keys?

Knowing what the types of keys are helps you to differentiate them from one another. Although car keys have a recognizable design, your house and business keys may confuse you. To avoid the hassles of recognizing them, we’ll discuss each type of key.

Transponder Key

A transponder key is a car key which is called a “chip key”. This key contains a chip that links to the ignition of the car.

Laser Cut Car Key

This key has uniquely smooth edges with symmetrical ridged sides compared to standard types. They are also called “sidewinder” keys which are inserted into the ignition no matter which side you use. 

Keycard Key

Keycards are cards that are used as keys and are usually incorporated in hotel room locks and business establishments. They contain magnetic strips to specifically open the lock of a door. 

VAT Keys

VAT or “Vehicle Anti-Theft” keys ensure security and protection from illegal intrusions of your car. These keys are the enhanced version of your car key. 

Double and Four-Sided Key

Double and four-sided keys are commonly used for home security. They differ from the normal keys since they possess four or two teeth that coordinate with their sides. 

Primary Key

Primary keys are used to open numerous locks. These types of keys are highly recommended for a building offices’ owner as it allows them to access all of the rooms in the establishment. 

Paracentric Key

This type of key is typically utilized in prisons. Their structure is uncommon and it’s hard to pick the locks. They are designed to specifically access paracentric locks. 

Abloy Key

Abloy keys rotate the disc on disc tumbler locks setting them into the right position to unlock. Since they don’t contain springs, they cannot be picked.

Skeleton Key

They are rarely used nowadays as they can be easily picked. This key is regarded as a “passkey” which is utilized to access warded locks. Skeleton key only bears a sole tooth located at the end of its tip. 

Smart Car Key

Smart car keys are a bit similar to transponder keys. They don’t require to be inserted into the ignition to operate and work remotely. 

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