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Pros and Cons of Master Key Systems

If you own a large space building that has several doors then you may need a master key system. It is the most popular and effective option for business owners who want to improve their outdated and poor security systems.

You can access various doors with different locks just by using a single key. However, prior to installing a master key system to your building you should first learn its pros and cons to help you decide if it is best for your property. 

Pros of master key system:

Strong access control. It gives you tight control over unauthorized people trying to access the restricted areas of your building. Also in the event of an emergency like a fire outbreak, you can unlock multiple doors quickly and let your personnel escape for their safety.

Minimize the number of keys to secure. The Master key system offers you convenience, having a single key for your building access. You can avoid worrying about safekeeping and organizing several keys. 

It’s more affordable than electronic key cards. Electronic key card systems have various benefits but are more expensive to install and maintain. If you prefer budget-friendly security control, a master key system is the right solution. 

Cons of master key system:

Losing the master key needs the entire space to be rekeyed. You always have to secure your master key because if you lose it, you have to rekey your entire building and it takes a lot of time and money.

Changing locks defeats the system’s purpose. If anyone changes the door locks the master key system will not work. For instance, if the tenant on your commercial building replaces a new door lock without your knowledge you will fail to access your property. 

Master key systems offer more pros than cons, providing the latest and high-security solution for your commercial or residential places. So, if you need to transform your old protection system into an advanced and much stronger access control against intruders, contact us now. 

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