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Information You Need When Calling a Locksmith

Locksmiths require some information in order to find the best solution to your lock and key problems. By the time you call a locksmith, they will ask you important questions. These questions help them to know what tools they need to bring to your location. 

The following information you need to bear in mind are the following:

Inform them your situation

The first thing you need to tell the locksmith is the problem you are experiencing with your keys and locks. You can ask if they offer such services and ask the locksmith equipment they are going to use. 

Lock Type

One of the pieces of information that a locksmith needs is the type of lock you have. This will give them an idea if they can handle the locks you have. It is best to provide them with the information ahead before they come to your place to prevent wasting time and money. 

Proof of Ownership 

Before locksmiths start to open your locks or replace your keys, they will ask for your proof of ownership. This applies to your house, establishment, and car. The process is practiced by all of the locksmiths to ensure that you are the owner of the property or vehicle. 

There are some people who may try to access your cars or house through locksmith services. This is why we, professional locksmith providers, guarantee our clients can provide the proof. If you are renting, you need to ask your landlord to unlock the door. 


At 24/7 Quick Locksmith, we provide locksmith services any time of the day. Since our services are always available, we send professional technicians to our client’s place. This is when we ask about your location where you are. 

In this way, the mobile locksmith can easily locate you and respond at your place quickly especially if you need immediate auto locksmith services. 

Inform them if you have a key

If you experience lockouts, it is important to tell the locksmith if you have a key. There are instances where your key may not function or is stuck inside the locks. They will know what equipment they need to bring. 

If you encounter lock and key difficulties, 24/7 Quick Locksmith is here to serve you wherever you are. We offer auto, residential, and commercial locksmith services.

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