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Can I Replace My Car Fob?

As technology transitions to an advanced level, electric-powered devices are becoming complex. Just like in the situation of cars and vehicles, it is operated with unique tools for your convenience. Car fobs are commonly complemented to the vehicles sold but what if you lost or damaged them? Are you still allowed to replace it?

The direct answer if you can replace your car fob is yes, you can. There are several factors to consider in the replacement of car fobs. The only drawback of the process is undoubtingly expensive. 

In order to avail of this kind of service, these are the following options you can choose from:

Contact your car dealer

One of the first steps you can follow in order to replace your car fobs is to buy from your car dealer. This method might be reliable but totally expensive since it came from the official dealerships. After you bought a new car fob, have them program it which requires you to pay for the additional service. 

Follow your user manual guide

Your user manual can provide you troubleshooting methods to help you fix or program your car fob. The downside of this is it may result in further damages inflicted on the car fob. This is why we highly recommend you consult professionals to help with this problem. 

Buy car fob online

Another way you can solve your problem is to buy a new car fob online. The process requires you to program it with a car dealer or a professional locksmith. They will ask you to pay for the programming even if their service won’t work with your car fob. 

We can’t ignore the fact that online products’ quality isn’t always reliable. There are some who sell cheap car fobs but may not work properly by the time a professional will program them. We advise you to buy your car fobs from legitimate car dealers or manufacturers. 

Call a locksmith

Professional locksmiths are the next choice for you to call. 24/7 Quick Locksmith can assist you with your car fobs. Our locksmiths are always available to come to your place and charge cheaper than the car dealership.   

We, at the 24/7 Quick Locksmiths are always ready to provide efficient and professional locksmith services. Call us now!

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