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Auto Locksmith vs Car Dealership

Losing or damaging a car key is never a fun experience. You are fortunate if you share an extra key with your trusted friend or family member. However, if you’re unlucky you may call an auto locksmith or car dealership for key replacement and other car services. Auto locksmith and car dealerships both have similar products but car dealerships take a lot of hassle. 

These are the main reasons why having an auto locksmith is always a better option:


Auto locksmith comes to your location to offer you service on the spot. All you need to do is call a mobile car locksmith and you will receive key services without delay. While with car dealerships it takes a lot of time to get the service you need. You have to travel to their site, which would be inconvenient if you don’t have another car. A local auto locksmith knows better, just ensure that you call a certified locksmith. 


Auto locksmith services are more affordable than dealerships. Auto locksmiths cater key cutting, key replacement, transponder key reprogramming, and many more services at the most competitive price. However, in dealerships you need to pay higher to any of their services particularly in more technical work like replacing transponder keys and cutting new car keys. It’s always the best choice to hire an auto locksmith for car keys and locks services. 


Auto locksmiths are specialized in handling car keys and locks. Their knowledge and expertise is highly recommendable when you need to cut or reprogram your modern type of car keys. They can guarantee to offer solutions for kinds of car keys of different car brands. Thus, car dealerships focus on selling and maintenance. Making car keys is only a part of their service, unlike locksmiths who deal with locks and keys every day. 

Equipment required

Auto locksmiths are fully equipped to replace car keys in any model and make. They are armed with all necessary equipment for replacing and repairing ignition switches, door locks, and lockout solutions. They provide the best services because of top-notch tools and techniques in locksmithing jobs, compared to dealerships that are known for their multiple tools. 

After all, the choice is yours. But in case you prefer calling an auto locksmith over a car dealership contact us. 24/7 Quick Locksmith solves lock and key issues around the clock and performs the job promptly. 

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